Boat Donations

Block Island Maritime

SailMaine counts on donations to keep our programs funded, as our program fees only account for about half of our annual budget.  We fill in the gap by fundraising and through cash and boat donations.  Block Island Maritime Funding makes donating your boat an easy process.

The benefits of your boat donation to SailMaine are obvious.  The benefit to you, according to Block Island Maritime Funding's website are:

  • "Boats on the market for more than 45 days begin to lose value.
  • The expenses of storage, maintenance, insurance, brokerage fees and possible expensive repairs continue when a boat is listed for sale. Upon donation, all costs to the donor cease and immediately become the responsibility of Block Island Maritime Funding (BIMF).
  • In some cases, the return on a charitable contribution of a boat can be close to the actual selling price, particularly in a weak market."

If you're interested in exploring boat donation, or have definitely made the decision that your boat will benefit SailMaine more than it benefits you, please call SailMaine at 207-772-7245 or call Richard Harris at Block Island Maritime Funding directly at 207-669-4999 or email him at

Thank you for considering a donation to SailMaine!