Skipper Certification

Come down to SailMaine and rent a boat! In order to rent a SailMaine J22 each sailor must be certified by a SailMaine instructor to ensure safety and experience. It takes one hour and costs $40 per person.

We offer Skipper Certification by appointment.  Give us a call and we can find a time that works for you and our instructor.

The certification includes the demonstrating proper understanding of the following areas:

  • preparation to sail
  • skipper/crew operations and skills
  • leaving the dock or mooring
  • boat control in confined waters
  • navigation & navigation rules
  • boat control in open water
  • heavy weather sailing
  • overboard rescue methods
  • safety and emergency procedures
  • returning to dock or mooring
  • securing the boat properly

For a complete list of the information you will be expected to show competency in, click here: Skipper J22 Certification Checklist.