Casco Bay offers world class sailing for our programs.

SailMaine offers a wide variety of programs for Junior Sailors, Adults and Families on Casco Bay.  With our fleet of four different types of sailboats, we run programs for all ages groups and abilities, from 5 year-olds just learning to sail, to experienced adult racers.   Registration for 2018 Junior Summer Programs opens on New Years' Day.  Adult Program registration opens March 5, 2018.

All of our programs have an educational focus, with sailing at the heart of all we do.  Come on a video boat tour of our Junior Summer Programs!

If you're a junior sailor, we can provide a path for you to become a skilled recreational sailor or racer. We offer programs to prepare you for college sailing so you can set your sights on that horizon.

If you're an adult who who has never sailed before, we provide a clear path for you to gain confidence on the water and take your sailing to whatever level you'd like.  You can even become a skipper so that you can rent keelboats for Casco Bay adventures that begin at our waterfront facility!  And along the way you'll have the opportunity to meet other sailors and learn in a fun, supportive environment.

Learn more about our programs:

Youth Summer Programs
High School Sailing
Adult Programs
Special Olympics

SailMaine offers Corporate Sailing Programs for companies who would like to engage their employees with sailing experiences.  Please contact SailMaine directly at 207-772-7245 or email to discuss options!