Our Fleet



We currently have Optimists, an 8' single handed junior boat designed for introductory sailing and racing. The Opti has become the largest junior one-design class in the world, with around 180,000 Optis sailed in almost every country on earth. Go Opti Go!.


Cape Cod Frosties

Our fleet of Cape Cod Frosties, a 6'4" single handed boat originally designed for adult frostbiting (sailing in crazy cold winter when there’s lots of wind, Yikes!), is used in our summer junior program. Our Frosties are built through a collaboration with the Compass Project. Students spend a week building a boat then learning to sail it. Cool!


Collegiate 420s

We also have 30 Collegiate 420s, the largest fleet in the Northeast! 420’s are a sturdy, high performance, 14' double-handed racing dinghy sailed by our high school and summer juniors. Wow fun!



SailMaine is also very proud of our twelve J/22s, a 22' keelboat (means it can’t or shouldn’t tip over), designed for 4 sailors but capable of being sailed by 2 to 5. They are perfect for both our “learn to sail” and “learn to race” activities for advanced junior sailors and adults.